Buyers Guide — Top 5 priority Snowboarding products

James Streater
6 min readSep 10, 2019

by James Streater @maverixsnow

We often go for the shiny objects like a snowboard first when we think of our priorities for kit purchases but having that pro model board won’t mean a damn when you’re freezing, cannot see anything and your feet feel like you’ve been walking over hot coals.

Here’s a realistic hit list of what you should prioritise when making those snowboard purchases.

1 — Boots with footbeds

Boot purchasing is a minefield. Numerous years of boot fitting has taught that there are some ugly ass feet out there and they’re all different. To get the most out of your boots and feeling comfortable you need a professional fit. That means take an hour out of your life and go to a store and chat to someone. Try on a selection of boots, as different manufacturers have different widths and lengths irrespective of what it says on the box. Plus don’t be a tight ass and get the boot fit and buy the boots online for £5 cheaper. Invest the time and invest the money as well.

Try the boots with a footbed. Unless you have specific arch issues don’t bother with a custom footbed. In my opinion they’re too much expensive vs the benefits for snowboarding. You’re not a ski racer. Get something like a Superfeet Green. They will support your arch better than the Ritz cracker already in the boots. That means less foot pain and a better fitting more comfortable boot all round.

Once you’ve found a pair of boots that work for you. Stick with them. Check on ebay and pickup a slightly used or fresh pair once the season is complete. Most guys ride a week or two max, and that means gentle slopes and bar crawls. The boots will most likely be brand new.

You know they work, so don’t leave next season to chance. Remember typically most boots are engineered to last 5–8 weeks of riding, so when’s thats done think about a new pair before they become too soft and cause ankle injuries or start letting in tons of moisture.

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James Streater

Head coach and owner of Maverix Snow Ltd. He holds the worlds highest snowsport qualification ISTD.