Temperature has a profound effect on avalanche safety. Quite often the basic rule of thumb is to finished early by starting even earlier. That way you achieve your mission before the sun starts having adverse effects on the snowpack.

When we start to investigate temperature influences we need to think of temperature as heat transfer. We can isolate those heat effects into three main areas. The snow surface, the interior of the snowpack, and the ground. This heat is moved or transferred between those areas typically due to for example external factors such as cold air, warm air, and sunshine.

by James Streater @maverixsnow

As we move through the insta age clients are looking for more dynamic and entertaining experiences and coaches need to adapt their teaching styles and look to foster a more long-term approach to progression and retention of their new and existing clients.

This article is a synopsis of an online presentation to a group of snowsports instructors that provides some thoughts on changing the focus of coaching and the potential blockers in the way to making their coaching sessions more fun and memorable.

Change the Focus

As passionate snow enthusiasts, our job is to spread the joy of the…

by James Streater James Streater

Understanding the way snow changes over time can have a profound effect on your backcountry planning and execution decisions.

We often look to outside sources such as regional avalanche forecasting for the key data to help us make those choices. However, we need to supplement their findings with our own onsite observations and research to drill down those regional findings into a more local actionable data set.

It’s the go anywhere fast charging, fun filled board that’s make you feel like a pro every time to strap in.

Rider Specs

Weight — 72kg
Foot Size — UK 9, US 10
Height — 5"11', 179cm
Stance — +18, -9, 22 inches (58cm)
Age — 45 yrs

Riding 20 years in a mix of terrain. Currently riding approximately 12 weeks per season in European resorts (70% off piste, 25% piste 5% park) with 50 plus days per year within snow domes (95% park, 5% piste). …

by James Streater @maverixsnow

A lot of people might think the only way to accelerate a board is to point it downhill, but we’ve all encountered those dreaded flats where we come to a stand still as our two poled buddies cruise past without a care in the world.

No resort is 100% boarder friendly, so we need to up our skills to survive these thigh burning terrain traps.

It might seem weird to think you can accelerate the board when you’re not on a slope, but it’s really possible and super useful.

What you’re aiming to do is use…

by James Streater @maverixsnow

We love to spend money on snowboarding because it’s our passion project, but it all honesty there are things that you really don’t need to spend too much on. You can buy stuff cheaper second hand or just go for non-branded items and you’ll save a ton of cash and it won’t make a lot of difference to your skill level or enjoyment.

So let’s have a look at where you can save some cash…

1 — Bindings

by James Streater @maverixsnow

We often go for the shiny objects like a snowboard first when we think of our priorities for kit purchases but having that pro model board won’t mean a damn when you’re freezing, cannot see anything and your feet feel like you’ve been walking over hot coals.

Here’s a realistic hit list of what you should prioritise when making those snowboard purchases.

1 — Boots with footbeds

Boot purchasing is a minefield. Numerous years of boot fitting has taught that there are some ugly ass feet out there and they’re all different. To get the most out of your boots and…

James Streater

Head coach and owner of Maverix Snow Ltd. He holds the worlds highest snowsport qualification ISTD.

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